Netanyahu glorifies terrorism

From Thursday’s Times, a report on a meeting by Israelis including former PM Binyamin Netanyahu to “commemorate” the bombing in July 1946 of the King David Hotel, in which 92 people died, unveiling a plaque which reads:

The hotel housed the Mandate Secretariat as well as the Army headquarters. On July 1946, Irgun fightres (sic), at the order of the Hebrew Resistance Movement, planting explosives in the basement. Warning phone calls had been made, urging the hotel’s inhabitants to leave immediately. For reasons Known only to the British, the hotel was not evacuated, and after 25 minutes, the bombs exploded, and to the Irgun’s regret and dismay, 91 persons were killed.

Clearly to them this was a “model” act of terrorism because a warning was given and contrasts are sanctimoniously drawn between Irgun’s warnings and their “regret and dismay” at the casualties caused and modern day Arab terrorists (as Israel’s supporters routinely express “outrage” at comparisons between Israeli and Arab actions which kill civilians). I don’t doubt for a minute that if Arabs managed to pull something like this off in Jerusalem, killing that number of people, they would be condemned in the same terms used to condemn suicide bombings and rocket attacks. (Hat tip: Osama Saeed with more by Kashif; also Lenin has a report and some pictures from today’s demo in London against the Israeli aggression.)

Also Harry’s Place has a map of Israel with occupied territories superimposed onto a map of the UK. This is presumably meant to show how small Israel is, but it actually shows Israel occupying a large swathe of England all the way from Yorkshire down to Dorset.

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