More on Brick Lane saga

There’s been quite a bit of activity on the issue of the filming of Brick Lane, a film based on Monica Ali’s novel of the same name. Monica Ali belongs to a certain set of middle-class, Anglicised, secularised Asian novelists of Muslim ancestry and has pretty much the same standing in the community as Hanif Kureishi and one just about higher than Salman Rushdie, who has jumped in with a letter in today’s Guardian attacking Germaine Greer, who accused Ms Ali of presenting a stereotype of Brick Lane and then trying to film her stereotyped Brick Lane in the real Brick Lane.

(I think Rushdie has his Latin mixed up by using the expression ad-feminam? The Latin for woman is mulier, as in the Papal encyclical Mulieris Dignitatem (Women’s Dignity), surviving in the Portuguese mulher; femina means a suckling woman and only later came to refer to women in general.)

Guardian news coverage of the Rushdie-Greer spat here; Greer’s original article here.

Neurocentric has blogged about this also.

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