Fake sheikh “ratted on his brother”

MediaGuardian.co.uk: “Private family chatter became a sensational story”

Roy Greenslade of the Guardian (and formerly of the Sunday Times) reveals how Mazher Mahmood’s record of broken confidences seems to stretch back further in his career than his fake sheikh act:

Waseem [Mazher Mahmood’s brother] says he lost his BBC job as a result of an early Sunday Times piece by his brother. The story concerned alleged moonlighting by Pebble Mill staff and was attributed to “an unnamed BBC insider”. Waseem says: “Private family chatter around the kitchen table had been regurgitated into a sensational story. I protested that I knew nothing about it, but it was hopeless and I resigned.”

It was the end of Waseem’s seven-year BBC career and also marked the end of his relationship with Mazher. They have never spoken in the 18 years since, except for perfunctory greetings on rare family occasions. Waseem found it impossible to get another job and his wife, Sara, a former Pakistan TV announcer, found it difficult to make ends meet. “We had a one-year-old child and were penniless for a long time,” Waseem says.

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