Who cancelled the Alton Muslim fun day?

It’s been widely reported in the press, both yesterday and today that the Muslim day at Alton Towers has been cancelled (strangely, this hasn’t appeared on the Muslim Leisure website which is entirely dedicated to the cancelled event). The reports all give the reason as insufficient ticket sales (which would not have surprised me, given reports that, for example, there would be segregated rides so that husbands and wives or brothers and sisters could not go on together).

However, this comment by Abu Eesa suggests the reason is something quite different:

I spoke to one of the organisers and he confirmed that the Chief Executive of AT had bowed to the pressure of the media furore over the “Muslim Fun Day” and reneged on their contract with Islamic Leisure. All this “low ticket” jazz is a bakwas cover for Alton Towers’ inability to handle the heat.

So someone is obviously lying. (See earlier entry.)

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