Jeans going out of fashion

The Guardian reports today on the declining popularity of jeans, which it attributes to their ubiquity and their escalating prices:

The sight of Victoria, Coleen, Carly, Elen and the rest desperately trying to out-Wag [as in Wags, meaning and wives and girlfriends of celebs] each other in their R’n’Rs was enough to put anybody with even a smidgen of personal style off their lunch. And when everybody is wearing them, the premium denim brands can hardly justify such an “exclusive” price tag any more. It’s telling that the most recent brand to cause anything like a blip on the fashion radar has been Cheap Monday, hailing from Sweden and coming in at just £40. It has become a statement in itself to spend less than £80 on your jeans. However, this fashionable “it” brand is also very difficult to wear - with their drainpipe cut, only (male) fashion students look good in Mondays.

The article concludes that jeans are going out of fashion and back to what they look like: everyday clothes for cold weather:

Of course, nobody is going to stop buying jeans altogether. “Jeans are something you have to wear,” confirms Harford, “like knickers.” And as autumn approaches, the denim drawer beckons once more. Of course, this season it is all about baggy, or, to use the industry’s lingo “boyfriend cut”, as they look like you have nicked them from your partner. A desperate attempt to lure women back into the fold after last season’s skinny parade? Well, if you find yourself tempted, here is a hot tip. Borrow a pair of your boyfriend’s jeans, and spend the cash on something more interesting instead.

I wonder if the Muslims who bought Al Quds jeans will move with the times?

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  • Jeans, for me, went out of fashion ages ago. When I lived in Arizona, jeans were just too hot to wear during the summers, and so I moved on to other types of pants. For the past 15 years or so I’ve stuck to Docker-style khakis.

  • b.


    I predict that outside the rarefied air of high fashion, people’s actual jean-wearing habits will change very little, fashion decree or no no fashion decree. After nearly 160 years, no amount of wishing it otherwise will make jeans vanish off the map. ;)

    Jeans, for me, are about the only thing tough enough to stand up to all the abuse meted out over the course of a day as I chase around two little ones and generally exemplify what it means to be clumsy. So my clothing habits (which were never subject to fashionista whims, in the first place) are unlikely to change to any degree, large or small.

    I suspect that anti-jeans sentiment is mostly a European feeling not shared with their cousins across the Atlantic, anyhow. :) (Khaki-lovin’ JD not withstanding. ;))

  • UmmZaid

    Salaam ‘Alaikum

    fashion jeans still seam to be the style here, but not as crazy as it was last year. skinny jeans are still the rage, and now they’re wearing them just below the knee. fashionable when sienna miller does it, tacky’s housewife 80’s style when …a housewife does it. LOL… fashion…