What Muslims Want

Via IACN’s TV circular, Channel 4 has a programme on tonight called What Muslims Want as part of its Dispatches slot; it’s on at 8pm and lasts an hour:

Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow tackles one of the most difficult and controversial questions facing our country today: to what extent do Muslims in Britain pose a threat to this country and its values? There is a growing fear that the 1.6 million Muslims in Britain are rejecting the majority liberal, tolerant beliefs in this country for a radicalised version of Islam in which violence can be justified.

Also, C4’s graveyard-slot excuse for Muslim TV, “Shari’ah TV”, is on this week:

  • Midnight tonight - “From Guantánamo to Forest Gate”, self-explanatory
  • 00:35, tomorrow night - “Growing Up Muslim in Britain”, which “looks at the reality of growing up as a Muslim in 21st-century Britain, dealing with the contradictions and dilemmas arising from living in a liberal society and being Islamic. Can Shariah give guidance to young Muslims trying to find their way in a modern western society? Is it simply a clash of culture or is there room for accommodation?”
  • 11:55pm 10th August, “Futuristic Islam”: “How does Islam cope in the world of scientific breakthroughs and new technology? How can a code for life written 1,400 years ago help with a world driven by scientific breakthroughs unimaginable in the days of the Prophet? Science can now create life, change life and cheat death. Can Shariah Law have anything relevant to say about it all? And what does Shariah say about the future of Islam itself: will it change to adapt to 21st-century living?”

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