Why Thatcher doesn’t deserve a state funeral

To be honest, I actually thought there would be a state funeral for Maggie given how long she was in power and the fact that her central policies really still hold sway today, a decade and a half after she left office. Then I read this over at Harry’s Place, about who has had a state funeral and I’m sure you’ll all agree she’s not in quite the same league:

Other than heads of state, it’s an honour that has only ever been given to six people. These include Nelson, Wellington, Gladstone and Churchill, who was a national figure in a way that Lady Thatcher isn’t. Quite the opposite, in fact - whatever the merits or otherwise of her governments, I suspect that even the Telegraph would concede that as Prime Minister she was a fairly divisive character.

The author explains how the whole storm-in-a-teacup became news, which is worth reading for an example of something being blown up out of proportion. The fact is that Thatcher was (and is) hated by millions in this country, particularly those she put out of work, and was (and is) buddy-buddy with a number of unsavoury characters like General Pinochet (and witness how her son continues the tradition with his connections with Simon Mann’s gang in South Africa). Churchill, whatever he may have done in his “service” to the empire and whatever we may think of his attitudes, led the fight against Hitler, and if it were not for that this country would simply not exist. Thatcher just doesn’t compare.

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