One for the textbooks?

BBC NEWS | UK | ‘Porn-link’ safety advert banned

This is a story about how an anti-child-porn website, ThinkUKnow, was advertised on the radio, leading one lady to type what she heard - thinkyouknow - and it led her to an actual pornographic site!

When I first read the story I thought “thinkuknow” was pronounced “Think UK Now”, so I wondered how she’d have typed “you” rather than U. It seems the people behind this website thought everybody had caught onto the “txt speak” thing whereby letters represent words they sound like, but this woman obviously hadn’t. Probably within a few years this fiasco will have made it into some media studies or business studies textbooks alongside “nothing sucks like Electrolux” (a vacuum cleaner).

As for the thinkyouknow site, the chances are that this site was set up in order to exploit precisely this confusion, and its registration may shortly be rescinded. It was registered by one Chris Fox in February this year, while ThinkUKnow has been in existence since November 2001.

By the way: looking at the actual ThinkUKnow site, one gets this tidbit of wisdom:

It’s not a good idea to open files that are from people you don’t know. You won’t know what they contain – it could be a virus, or worse – an inappropriate image or film

As if some people aren’t more concerned with having all their data trashed than seeing a snippet of an indecent image or film, which would make the vast majority of people close and delete it without a moment’s hesitation.

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