Spectator refuse my “poem”

A week or so ago, in response to Stephen Schwartz’s screed in the Spectator, I wrote the magazine a letter as well as the article I posted here. The editor decided to print two letters, one of them an approving one from Sam Mukerji, alleging that “in Jammu and Kashmir, innocent shepherds have been slaughtered in their thousands, only because they were Hindus, in order to terrify the rest of the population and force them to run for the plains”, with Musharraf’s support, and another from Tony Carroll suggesting that the government set up a Muslim seminary here as they did for Irish Catholics in Maynooth in the 19th century.

There were no letters printed from Muslims objecting to Schwartz’s hatchet job on Shaikh Hamza Yusuf or any other Muslim shaikh. However, apparently in response to my letter, they sent a postcard to my house stating the following:

The Poetry Editor thanks you for your poem but regrets he is unable to publish it.

I don’t recall deliberately trying to make my letter rhyme or scan. It’s in paragraphs, and the words wrap when they reach the end of a line, rather than the lines ending after the requisite number of syllables. How did the Poetry Editor get his hands on it?

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