The Divine Right of Politicians

Rachel from North London and Kitty Killer have recently posted on the Blair-Brown “succession” controversy. My position on this has long been very simple: Brown is not fit for the job, because he considers himself somehow entitled to it by virtue of having made some sort of deal with Blair in some Islington bar in 1994. The fact is that they did not clear this deal with the voting public, or even with the Labour membership, which means it is not binding on anyone else. The notion of a divine right for kings and queens was abandoned several centuries ago, and there never was one for politicians.

Rachel also has a whole load of links regarding the transition, including Bliar’s recent appearance at a school where he announced his impending departure. It was noted that someone shouted “murderer” while he gave his speech, it being noted at Blairwatch that a third of the school’s students came from Afghanistan and Iraq.

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