Regarding Abu Izzadeen and his many wives

Did anyone read the article in yesterday’s Evening Standard about how Abu Izzadeen (Omar Brookes), the ex-Muhajiroun activist who heckled John Reid at his Leyton speech last week, is “looking for a second, third or fourth wife”? It was on page 10 and headlined, “Wanted: three more wives for Reid’s Islamist heckler”, which, as anyone who’s ever used the service in question knows, stretches the truth more than a little.

The funny thing about this story is that it’s nearly a week old: it was first posted, in response to a reader alert, to the Harry’s Place blog last Thursday; you can see the complete advert there or you can read the original at

As I said before, I’ve not got much time for Abu Izzadeen and his group, but the people who make a big thing about this would do this to any Muslim, or indeed anyone who had the slightest notoriety of any sort. The most offensive thing they find is that his marital status reads that he is “looking for a 2nd, 3rd or 4th wife”, which they translate as meaning he wants three more. Anyone who’s ever used the service knows that the marital status question is a multiple-choice one. If you are looking even for a second wife, it will leave your profile saying that. The same is true of the entry on which Abu Izzadeen selected “there is nothing except Islam”.

The website does not promote polygamy; sisters are able to (and often do) clearly state that they are not willing to enter into it. I’m not sure where it’s based, but it caters for Muslims around the world (they have a lot of profiles of people in Malaysia and Indonesia) and in many countries polygamy is perfectly legal. Even here, no Muslim has ever been prosecuted for it; what is illegal, it seems, is contracting more than one official marriage.

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