PC Bashar not ‘excused on moral grounds’

Here is a police statement regarding the malicious story circulated in the press yesterday regarding PC Alexander Omar Basha, who was excused duty guarding the Israeli embassy in London for the duration of this summer’s hostilities in Lebanon. It is noted that, following Pc Bashar’s request, “a risk assessment was undertaken, which is normal practice”, which led to him not being deployed there. He is now back on diplomatic protection duty.

Statement from Dep Cmsr Paul Stephenson - Metropolitan Police Service

There does need to be an investigation as to who leaked this story to the media, because it follows the usual pattern of a huge fuss being made over any minor accommodation to a Muslim’s feelings or needs, as Ali Dizaei pointed out yesterday. Peter Herbert of the Metropolitan Police Authority called this “a ridiculous fuss over nothing”, noting that if he had been deployed there, it may well have led to a security controversy. (Hat tip: Islamophobia Watch, Under Progress.)

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