Muslim pupils “more liberal and tolerant”

BBC NEWS: Muslim students ‘more tolerant’

A Home Office-funded study of three schools in Burnley and Blackburn, two notoriously segregated towns in northern England, discovered that Muslim pupils had more liberal and tolerant attitudes towards people of other faiths than their white counterparts:

Dr Andrew Holden, who carried out the research, said it had highlighted the fragility of the British identity.

He spoke to pupils from three schools in Burnley and Blackburn. One had mainly white pupils (School A), one mainly Asian students (School B) and the third a mixture (School C).

The survey found that 8% of pupils at school A and 12% in School C expressed an interest in finding out about other people’s religious beliefs, compared to 42% at the mainly Asian school. …

At School A, 29% of the pupils questioned were in favour of different faith communities working together to create a better society, compared to 76% at School B.

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