Windsor arson “not racially motivated”

Via Pickled Politics, it’s been revealed that Thames Valley police believe that the arson attack on a house that was due to be inhabited by injured Iraq veterans, widely reported to have been carried out by local delinquent Muslim youths, was in fact not racially motivated at all:

Thames Valley Police have now said they are not pursing this line of inquiry. Detective Chief Inspector Stephen Reschwamm said: “This incident was reported in a national newspaper reports, alleging that Muslim youths were responsible for causing the damage to stop four soldiers moving in.

“I would like to emphasise that, although one of our initial lines of inquiry was to consider possible racially aggravated circumstances, we never labelled any particular faith or religion as being responsible.”

He added: “Inquiries carried out to date conclude that there is no evidence to suggest that this was racially motivated. The MoD has also informed me that Combermere Barracks did not receive any threatening calls from Muslims or people claiming to be Muslims in relation to this incident.”

Perhaps the Scum newspaper, and others which loudly alleged that it was Muslim bigots, should be referred to the Press Complaints Commission, as Sunny @ PP suggests. (More: Minstry of Truth, Clive Davis, Obsolete, MPACUK.)

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