Women, the niqab and the mosque

First up: there is a programme on tomorrow (Monday) evening on Channel 4 entitled Women Only JIhad, about the struggle for Muslim women to gain admittance to a number of mosques in northern England. It’s part of the Dispatches slot and is on at 8pm. See here for the MPACUK discussion of the issue (a lot of the women involved are members of MPACUK).

Also, I found this article linked off the Guardian’s Comment site. It’s in the Toronto Globe and Mail and notes “the spectacle of very powerful male politicians publicly criticizing a small number of women — who are hardly members of their countries’ elites — for what they choose to wear”, and also the history of immigrants being treated with suspicion due to their foreign dress habits. (He might have realised, however, that a lot of the women who wear niqab in the UK are not immigrants, but their granddaughters.)

Also, those who found my insider’s view from sister Ardo in Ottawa interesting might like to read the experience of a sister in the UK, named Umm Maymoonah. She posted this in response to brother Abu Eesa’s article on niqab, and this when I requested that she read my article sourced from what Ardo wrote to me.

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