Zeyno Baran ‘fabricating exclusivity’

There’s a letter in this week’s Newsweek refuting the claim by Zeyno Baran in last week’s edition that there is a 50-50 likelihood of a coup in Turkey in the coming year (see this post). The letter is from parliamentarian Egemen Bagis and accuses Baran of “profusely fabricating exclusivity” in alleging that a Turkish general confided their opinions of the Refah government in her; rather, the comments were made by the then chief of staff, Ismail Hakki Karadayi, in the Turkish newspaper Sabah in 1996, and repeated in several interviews. Mr Bagis claims that his party are “a democratically mandated, conservative, center-right political party” and predicts that they will win the next elections and keep the country on a “European Union path toward democracy, accountability, secularism, the rule of law and free markets”. He also repeats some of Baran’s earlier words which indicate that she has changed her opinion of Turkish military treason since:

Let’s do a favor to this doomsayer and repeat some of her 1997 prophecy: “The idea that the military will quickly tidy things up, restore civilian rule, and preserve the march toward democracy is false. Even shutting down the [ruling party] would not reduce its considerable electoral support … A stable, democratic Turkey is crucial for U.S. foreign policy objectives, including peace in the Middle East and stability in both the Caucasus and the Aegean.”

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