Borat’s Kazakh is actually Hebrew

Guardian Film: Secret of Borat’s fluent Kazakh - it’s Hebrew

From the Guardian website: not only is the “Kazakh” spoken by Sacha Baron Cohen in Borat actually Hebrew, but the film is full of Israeli cultural references:

The film is peppered with Hebrew expressions and Israeli slang, inside jokes only Israelis could truly appreciate. In one scene, Borat sings the lyrics of a Hebrew folk song, Koom Bachur Atzel, which means “get up lazy boy”. Later, he refers to a Kazakh government scientist, “Dr Yarmulke,” who proved that a woman’s brain is the size of a squirrel’s. Even Borat’s signature catchphrase - “Wa wa wee wa,” an expression for wow - derives from a skit on a popular comedy show and is often heard in Israel.

Also Abu Sinan noticed that the name of Borat’s home town “Kusik” is an Arabic anatomical reference.

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