Reactions to the latest fake veil scandal

Comment is free: Lifting the veil

Rajnaara Akhtar (chair of Protect Hijab) on the recent fake scandal involving the Somali who was involved in murdering the policewomen Sharon Beshenivsky and supposedly might have escaped disguised as a Muslim woman in a veil. What she doesn’t mention is that the “veiled escape” is only one of a number of possible reasons for why Mustaf Jama fled and thus escaped justice. Of course, nobody in our community has ever demanded that veiled women not be identified if need be, but you don’t need to flip a veil to find out if the wearer is actually a woman - you need to just induce them to speak (and devise ways of surprising them into dropping their attempt to disguise their voices, if that’s what they’re doing).

More at Islamophobia Watch: [1], [2], [3], [4].

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