Telegraph readers aghast at US email snoop demand

Telegraph Comment: Sinister security

Surprisingly hostile response from the London Telegraph’s “Digital Democrats” to the news of a deal between the US Homeland Security department and un-named Brussels Bureaucrats. Admittedly this comes from Europe, including France and Germany which have a recent record of not getting involved in US misadventures, but which also has a less liberty-oriented political culture than the UK (or the USA). Comments include the observation that the “special relationship” is a one-way thing (which is well-known in any case), and that country is off their holiday lists. (This is the last entry I wrote on that so-called relationship.)

However, the measures are easily circumvented (unless they plan to stop us flying to Canada and entering the USA by land); all one needs to do is acquire a credit card that one uses only on American business, and an additional email address, and voila, those emails you sent to plan that big terrorist hit are safe.

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