Manzoor: “Brits should integrate with Muslim values”

Sarfraz Manzoor, a regular contributor to the Guardian and Observer on the so-called Muslim values which gives our community its supposed strength:

Muslim parents also tend to be less interested in child-centred parenting and more into parent-centred parenting. For example, when I was growing up there was no possibility of answering back to my parents, and this was accompanied by an all-pervasive fear of letting them down. This was a model of parenting that put great faith in deference and, while at the time it felt regressive, it was also what kept my generation in check.

My father often used the threat of “what might the community say?” as a weapon to control my rebellious teenage desires. I resented the power that this community had over me, but it is only now that I can appreciate its value. The knowledge of the hardship our parents had endured, alongside their old-fashioned attitudes towards parenting, meant most second-generation Muslims simply did not have the opportunity or desire to cause trouble. Instead we were conditioned not to get mad at whites but to get even, by making something of our lives.

He concludes that it’s the third generation which is “so integrated into white society that they are emulating its worst characteristics”. A respondent said that these characteristics are nothing to do with Islam and are found among other tight-knit immigrant groups, such as Italians in the USA. They may actually be holding some people back, because while Sarfraz Manzoor seems to have made a nice little career for himself at the Guardian and has in the past said he’d not send his children to an Islamic school, preferring one where there were mostly white children, how much of his generation are mired in ethnic ghettoes rather than integrating with - never mind non-Muslims - other Muslims? How many of his generation have refused to let their daughter marry a white convert to Islam, or their son take up a career other than in medicine or some other “traditional” occupation, for fear of their neighbours’ gossip?

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