Cameron on “British values”

The Conservative Party leader David Cameron wrote in today’s Observer about the “British values” issues which were under much discussion this past week. Of merit is his debunking of stupid suggestions like having a Veterans’ Day (when we already have Remembrance Sunday and have done for decades) and putting flags out on the lawn. On the other hand, he and his party’s vice-chairwoman, Sayeeda Warsi, are on the offensive regarding Muslim girls being forced into marriages and being denied education by their families. I wonder how they intend to tackle this - perhaps they might do away with tuition fees and re-institute grants for promising students whose parents just don’t want to pay? Or perhaps he just prefers to lecture.

And the Observer can think of no better way of illustrating this than … a picture of a woman in niqab on the front page of their website (view image). It’s not really illustrative of women being denied education, though, because you’ll find plenty of women in niqab in many British universities. I intend to complain to their readers’ editor ( and suggest you do as well. Besides the fact that a lot of white Brits aren’t all that patriotic anyway, the Muslims who most offend “British values” are the idiotic men with their offensive placards and slogans.

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