Upgrade rage

Upgrade Rage (from today’s Guardian)

Tim Dowling on the annoyances of Windows which manifest themselves as “upgrade rage, or Upgrage, the uncontrollable anger which occurs whenever a software upgrade deemed to be either essential or beneficial proves to be a pointless waste of your time, or a quick way to cripple your outmoded computer”. In his case, he downloaded a “Vista Upgrade Adviser”, which was supposed to tell him which version of Vista he should get, but which he could not find on his hard drive when he had finished downloading it. (He needs to find out which directory Explorer uses to store downloads; it may well be in the Settings or Preferences.)

The article generally is about the hardware-hungriness of Vista, which if you want all the funky 3D “Aero” graphics, you’ll need to buy a new computer with a good accelerated 3D graphics card if you haven’t bought one recently. That old Pentium 3 won’t cut it anymore. I don’t think this is altogether a bad thing; after all, Windows XP has been around for about six years, and if the next version after Vista is similarly delayed, the cards Vista needs for Aero will be standard, even old, before the name of the next version is announced. But it may well result in a spate of perfectly serviceable computers being dumped, with all the environmental consequences.

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