“Rocket man” DID have explosives for war

BBC NEWS: Ex-BNP man ‘wanted to shoot PM’ (hat tip: Lenin)

Remember the case of the biggest-ever haul of explosive chemicals the police found at a house in Lancashire last October, which hardly made ripples in the national media but was reported in Pendle Today?

Well, Robert Cottage has now pleaded guilty to possession of explosives, and we have this information courtesy of his wife who alerted the authorities:

Louise Blackwell QC, prosecuting, said the case had come to light after Mr Cottage’s wife became increasingly concerned about his behaviour.

Kerena Cottage suffered mental health problems and told her social worker that her husband had several crossbows and chemicals stored in his home.

She also revealed he wanted to shoot Mr Blair and local peer Lord Greaves, Miss Blackwell told the court.

When police raided his house on 28 September 2006 they discovered 21 types of chemicals which, when combined, could form explosives.

Miss Blackwell said they also uncovered a document called the Anarchy Cookbook, which detailed how to make different types of bombs.

Ball bearings - which the prosecution claim could be used as shrapnel for explosive devices - were also found, along with four air pistols.

After interviewing Mr Cottage, detectives raided Mr Jackson’s home on 1 October and found a bow and arrow and two nuclear protection suits.

While I’m sure they are not the only people who have ever talked about how good it might be to get Blair or Prescott out of the way, the fact remains that raids on Muslim properties get huge press coverage with the victims (as they often are) smeared in the press, while a raid on a BNP-supporting white racist’s house, which really does result in a huge haul of explosives being recovered, interests only Pendle Today until the blogs pick it up. I hope this is the last we’ll hear of the apologists who said “he only had them to play games with rockets!”.

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