BBC2: The Retreat

BBC - BBC TWO - The Retreat

This is a BBC2 series, starting tomorrow, about a group of people who went on an “Islamic retreat” at the Alqueria de Rosales, an Islamic complex with a farm and a faculty to teach Arabic and Islamic studies, for a kind of Islamic retreat with a heavy Sufi theme. The page has some extracts from the series as Flash presentations, including one of Abdullah Trevathan, the leader of the retreat, recounting a story about Shaikh Buzidi; another features Aishah Alvi, who was interviewed by Jumoké Fashola on BBC London this morning, expressing her discomfort at the Sufi aspects of the retreat which she found unfamiliar and which nobody could convince her were Islamically correct. (You can listen to the programme here until next Sunday; it’s in the last half hour.)

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