Mad Mel and the gift horse’s wide-open mouth

Melanie Phillips’s Diary » The emperor’s green new clothes

Melanie Phillips lapped up the recent documentary entitled “The Great Global Warming Swindle”, a polemic produced by Martin Durkin, a veteran of the old Revolutionary Communist Party who metamorphosed into a libertarian clique in the 1990s (the same clique which was successfully sued for alleging that stories about concentration camps in Bosnia were fabricated). Durkin himself has been behind three dodgy documentaries, the most notorious being Against Nature, broadcast in 1997, as well as programmes promoting silicone breast implants and genetically-modified food, ignoring evidence (including from his own researcher in the first case, who quit after two weeks to avoid having her name on his documentary) that they are harmful, not beneficial as he claimed. How Mel can take material from so tainted a source at face value, and uncritically and triumphantly promote it, is beyond me.

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