Abdul-Hakim Murad: the churches and Bosnia

Abdal-Hakim Murad - The Churches and the Bosnian war

This is something br. Mas’ud Khan posted to his website a couple of weeks ago, which I only just got round to looking at for the first time in a while. It gives an inside story into the role of the Serbian Orthodox Church in inciting the atrocities their side committed against Muslims, the heroism some of their churchmen and theologians attach to known war criminals, and the Church of England’s silence on the matter while the massacres were taking place. He also exposes the attitude the Serbian clergy have towards western “pseudo-churches”, among whose clergy are people who make “well-meaning visits” during which they “kiss Orthodox cheeks”. I found it significant that the webmaster of a prominent Orthodox Christian website in English is a member of this church, despite having a distinctly un-Serbian name (bio here), and has published and linked several articles and extracts from the inveterate anti-Muslim hatemonger, Srdja (or Serge) Trifkovic, on the site.

Meanwhile, UN prosecutors have accused the former interior minister of Macedonia (another predominantly Orthodox country, adjacent to Serbia) of standing by and watching Albanian civilians being murdered during an uprising in 2001.

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