London’s foxes and hen-houses

Has anyone been watching the programme Meet the Foxes, about London’s urban foxes? The film showed a “family” of urban foxes in north London, and their various neighbours, including some who fed them and kept videos of them, and others who disliked them because of the noise they make - and the fact that they like chicken. Including their chickens.

One of the people on the film said he rather approved of the foxes who went for the chickens, because they’d be dealing with a major cause of noise pollution. For me, I’m more concerned about disease. It’s well-known that flu pandemics tend to emerge out of east Asia because in that part of the world, people tend to keep farm animals close to their dwellings. Given that, by most accounts, mankind is overdue for another big flu pandemic, surely people should not be keeping chickens in their back gardens in cities?

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