Cyberporn and credit card fraud

Operation Ore flawed by fraud - Guardian Unlimited Technology

This tells the story of a witch-hunt against supposed downloaders of child porn who were jailed for the offence in the UK on the basis that their credit cards were used to buy the material (or at least to join the sites concerned), and how it turns out that their credit cards were actually used by people other than them, i.e. fraudsters. How could the police not consider this, given that online credit card fraud was known of well before Operation Ore started? Given that it’s been known for years that Windows-running PCs were open to penetration from botnets and other forms of piracy, how could they assume that a evidence of credit card use, or even of web browser access (because programs can identify falsely as other programs, which is often how Firefox users are able to access “IE-only” sites), to be evidence on its own?

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