Our alleged duty to respect Israel

Melanie Phillips’s Diary; The Islamic duty to respect Israel

Melanie Phillips, courtesy of “Arabs for Israel”, has found a selection of Qur’anic verses which supposedly enjoin Muslims to respect Israel - not the prophet (peace be upon him) of that name, but the modern-day state. You can read them all at the link above.

Do people never think of the history before they quote verses (or bits of verses) out of context? The verses quoted are intended to demonstrate that Islam supports the notion of Israel (and, incidentally, all of what they called Judea and Samaria, i.e. the West Bank) being the Jews’ promised land, when in fact we believe that this promise has been delivered on and is no longer valid. (You might notice the use of the past tense.) Several of them are clearly phrased as invitations to the Jews to embrace Islam (as might have become obvious if the surrounding verses were also quoted), which would have been recited by the prophet Muhammad (sall’ Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) to the Jews of his time in Madinah.

As for verse 17:104, it as good as abrogates any previous promise made to the Jews regarding the lands they call Israel; they quote it because it also refers to an in-gathering of the exiles before the end of the world, which, Mel’s source claims, means “that no Muslim can interfere with the ingathering of the Jews to Israel since this is the word of the Almighty himself”. However, we have nowhere been told in our religion that Muslims, either those who live there or others, are simply to accept an invasion of the land in question. No scholar worthy of the name has ever even suggested it - and I’m sure they know the Qur’an and the sciences necessary to comment on its meanings, far better than the people behind “Arabs for Israel”.

Really, this is a pathetic attempt. Any barely knowledgeable Muslim knows that these verses do not equal Jewish entitlement to usurp lands in which Muslims (and others) have lived and farmed for centuries. Who are they trying to kid? A “whois” search for the domain name, by the way, reveals that the registrant is none other than Nonie Darwish.

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