Imam training and terrorism

‘Imams are not the solution to terrorism’ - Education Guardian

An article which appeared in today’s Guardian Education supplement, featuring an interview with Shaikh Ibrahim Mogra, on why government funding for imam training may have no real effect on fighting terrorism:

“The problem is not imams and their countries of origin,” says Mogra. “The tiny proportion of extremists usually have nothing to do with imams. Anyway, there is no guarantee that just because an imam is trained in the UK, he won’t suddenly flip. Likewise, foreign imams are not necessarily extremists. The majority of imams are trained in the UK and in the next 20 years 90% will be British graduates. But there will always be a need for an expert from abroad.” Mona Siddiqui, professor of Islamic studies at the University of Glasgow, says it is wrong to assume imams are the buffer between extreme Islam and secular education. “People who are involved in extremism will not usually involve their imam,” she says. “Imams are not the solution to the problem of terrorism.”

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