Who said evolutionists are liars?

New Statesman - Time Out with Nick Cohen: Steve Jones

Nick Cohen interviews Steve Jones, professor of biology at University College, London (the same professor who did the anti-Creationism speech at Hay on Wye last year, which I commented on here). Cohen looks like an ideal interviewer for Steve Jones, because they share the same attitude of lofty derision for religion. Towards the end, he comes up with this pathetic straw man argument against his Muslim students who don’t agree with him about evolution:

Creationism, once an unthinkable mental deformation for educated men and women, is flourishing among his Muslim students, who are forbidden from accepting the basic premises of their subject. When the publishers of a Turkish edition of Almost Like a Whale flew him out, he was astonished when they told him that the Islamic government saw evolutionary theory as a challenge to its rule, and introduced him to his bodyguards. I ask how he copes with students who come to university with closed minds. “At the end of the course I ask, ‘Was I lying to you about chromosome structure?’ and they say no. Then I say, ‘Was I lying to you about cell structure?’ and they say no. So I ask why on earth they think I’m lying to them about evolution, and of course they can’t answer, because they’re not allowed to.”

I can’t speak for all Muslim biology students at UCL or anywhere else, but I’m sure most of them don’t think he’s actually lying to them about evolution - just that he believes something that’s wrong. Of course, we’ll believe straightforward facts such as chromosome or cell structure, because their existence is demonstrable with the use of the eye and common scientific instruments. This is not the case with evolution; isn’t the difference rather obvious?

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