Shaikh Hamza Yusuf on Holocaust denial

Holocaust Denial Undermines Islam (By Shaykh Hamza Yusuf) at

This is a brilliant article ma sha Allah on Holocaust denial, to which I’ve noticed a lot of Muslims are susceptible, and the Islamic notion of tawatur, of an event being known of through a multitude of witnesses, so it is proven to have happened beyond reasonable doubt:

In the case of the Holocaust, the facts are clear and transmitted from multiple sources. Tens of thousands of Jewish and other individuals who survived the death camps and other horrors of Nazi Germany lived to tell of it. Nazis were brought to trial, evidence was presented in court, and they were convicted. Mass graves were found, and gas chambers were discovered, which were clearly not delicing rooms as some callously claimed. The ovens exist and cannot be reduced to an efficient way of preventing cholera outbreaks or disposing of victims of starvation. I have personally met many Holocaust survivors and their children. I have seen tattoos. I have also heard firsthand accounts of the horrific events. The numbers and details of such events may be legitimate areas of research and inquiry for scholars, but questioning whether the events took place at all undermines the epistemological basis of our collective knowledge. Muslims, of all people, should be conscious of this as their religion is predicated on the same epistemological premises as many major events in history, such as the Holocaust. To deny such things is to undermine Islam as an historical event. That a “conference” examining the historicity of the Holocaust should take place in a Muslim country hosted by a Muslim head of state is particularly tragic and, in my estimation, undermines the historicity of the faith of the people of that state.

I should add that, with what I know of the society I grew up in, I do not believe that the entirety of western society could have chosen to believe a lie for sixty or more years, such that it becomes established as fact without any serious questioning. The only people who have questioned it are those with an axe to grind, usually relating to continuing racism against Jews or relating to the exploitation of the Holocaust in advocacy for Israel, and their alternative explanations are almost as damning of the Nazis as the Holocaust itself (they do not address the issue of why Jews were in camps at all, or else they justify it). I also don’t believe that the conference in Iran to which Shaikh Hamza refers was intended as a serious piece of honest debate, even if Ahmadinejad really does believe that the Holocaust was not real or was seriously exaggerated; it was intended merely to cause shock and outrage in the west in response to the Danish cartoon affair. In reality, it made him look ridiculous and made him a greater embarrassment for the Muslims than he already was.

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