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Until I read the above blog article, I was planning to write an entry about how I supported Lydia Playfoot’s campaign to be able to wear a silver ring to school, as part of one of those no-sex-before-marriage campaigns the Evangelical churches are fond of. While I have my reservations about the SRT and about all those campaigns, I don’t see why wearing a ring to school should be a reason why a girl should be suspended or expelled - uniform or no. I’m also a long-standing opponent of uniforms themselves, because they are often uncomfortable, they make kids stand out to pupils of other schools, because they are expensive, because the claims made for them (like masking social divisions) don’t stand up (as if you can’t identify a child’s social class by where they live and how they talk), and because they exist solely for historical reasons, and several countries (including Canada and much of Europe) do perfectly well without them.

But it turns out that this isn’t a righteous rebellion against the tyranny of school uniforms at all, but what seems to be a publicity stunt. The girl’s mother is actually the SRT’s UK company secretary, and her father is their Parents’ Programme Directory, and both work with SRT UK’s managing director, Andy Robinson, who is also handling media enquiries in conjunction with a Bournemouth-based PR company. (Lydia Playfoot lost her case on Monday.)

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