Hospitality? What Hospitality?

daily-spew-frontpage.jpgThis was the front page of today’s Daily Express, or Daily Spew as I call it here, about an idiotic demonstration by a few women in “burkhas” against the sentencing of a group of idiots who shouted slogans like “bomb Denmark” during a demonstration outside the Danish embassy against the Jyllands Posten cartoons last year. There is a reference to the women “swarming”, which is a huge exaggeration. It was a pretty small demo, as you can probably imagine.

However, what “hospitality” are they talking about? It’s highly likely that the women in the picture are not immigrants or refugees but third-generation British Asians who are angry that their husbands or other relatives are being sent to jail just for shouting a stupid slogan. I don’t believe that an immigrant would behave like this unless he or she had a very good reason to hate this country.

As for me, I thought the slogans highly offensive and can understand them receiving some punishment, but six years - even taking into account early release - is way too harsh just for shouting a slogan. Does anyone else see the irony in the fact that, during a time when the UK has seen its money and soldiers’ lives wasted in the Blair government’s craven servitude to the USA, laws are being passed restricting free speech in ways which, if Congress was even stupid enough to consider them, would be struck down as unconstitutional in the USA?

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