Lady Di: get over it, please!

Am I the only one who’s really sick of the bickering over the upcoming 10th anniversary of Lady Di’s death, and in particular, of it being front-page news? Yesterday and at the weekend, there were front-page headlines about who will and won’t be coming to the memorial. First, Camilla Parker-Bowles decided, apparently on the Queen’s advice, not to come, and then Paul Burrell, Di’s former butler, told the press he was angry at not being invited.

First of all, it annoys me that people still think Camilla bears any responsibility for Di’s death or even the break-up of her marriage. The fact is that Charles married Diana because he needed to produce an heir, and he later admitted himself that the marriage was a sham from the start. If anybody is responsible, it’s him, not Camilla - but even so, Diana would have remained just another minor aristocrat, and might still be, if it had not been for Charles marrying her. She would not have had the opportunity to do all the work she did as Princess of Wales and become the “Queen of people’s hearts” and the so-called “people’s princess”. As for her death, well, the blame for that lies solely with those who arranged her transportation that night in Paris.

As for Paul Burrell, it might be remembered that he was cleared of stealing Diana’s property after the Queen informed the judge that he had told her some years before that he was keeping some of Diana’s property. According to this report, she didn’t come forward earlier in the trial because she did not realise what the items in question were and thought her information irrelevant; it might be noted that the Queen was not cross-examined, as is normally done when someone comes forward with evidence in someone’s defence at court. This did raise some suspicion; I am sure there are many people who are not convinced he is innocent. He can still get an interview and promotes himself as a “noted authority on all things regal”, but it doesn’t make him popular.

Why can’t people just get over Di? She died ten years ago, for heaven’s sake, in an accident that had nothing to do with her royal life - she was with her new partner and was by all accounts enjoying life. Since then her legacy has been a series of scandals, a pointless and unworthy “monument” at the far end of Hyde Park, a children’s nursing fund which is now running out, leaving people wondering why the service it provided might not continue, and a series of headline stories about every petty development in the “Diana story” which in fact ended ten years ago. Anyone who was in the UK on the day after she died will remember the atmosphere of enforced mourning which led to every programme on all but one of the four main TV channels being cancelled for most of that day. We don’t need any more of it! She’s dead! Get over it!

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  • Nope, you’re certainly not alone. But perhaps I’m atypical, because I couldn’t give a monkey’s about her even ten years ago.


  • Ditto DNS - royalty are a big yawn, a tourist attraction at best, an anachronism perpetuating class division. I’m sure the Queen is a sweety, but when she’s gone, let’s send Charles to live on a Council Estate in Peckham and the rest to live with Fergie in the US.

  • Old Pickler

    Couldn’t agree more.

    It was a personal tragedy for her sons, but not for anyone else, even ten years ago. And people were so hypocritical - bitching about her one minute, then, when she’s dead, she becomes a saint.

    Yes, they should shut up. But they won’t, because it sells newspapers.

  • I still have bitter memories of the U.K being a ludicrous place for about two months are she died.

    In fact, when I found out she’d died, one of the first things I said was “We’ll never hear the end of this”.

  • ummabdulla

    Assalaamu alaikum,

    Well, I don’t think it’s often that I agree 100% with Old Pickler ;), but I think she’s summed it up here:

    “Yes, they should shut up. But they won’t, because it sells newspapers.”