BBC discussion on Caliphate conference

MPACUK - MPACUK & HT Discuss Indonesia Caliphate Conference

This is a Google Video of a recent discussion on BBC News 24 between Zulfi Bukhari of MPACUK and Nazreen Nawaz of Hizb-ut-Tahreer, regarding the recent HT-organised conference in Indonesia. The discussion is about whether Islam is or isn’t compatible with democracy; Dr Nawaz responds by raising the issue of whether democracy is really the only way of attaining accountable governance. Zulfi Bukhari says that HT have always been anti-western and anti-democratic, and favour a caliph elected for life.

(I should add that bringing democracy to the Muslim world faces a significant problem that nobody seems to address, preferring to accuse anyone who doesn’t support doing so at gunpoint of thinking Arabs, or other Muslims, are undeserving or incapable of democracy, and are thus racist. Western democracy routinely empowers minorities, meaning political minorities - either by transforming the largest minority of votes - and sometimes not even that - into a majority of seats in the legislature, or by empowering minor parties to form coalitions with major ones in order to dominate the legislature. We have learned to live with this in the West; it can’t be assumed that other peoples, Muslim or otherwise, would want to.)

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