“Israel lobby” book is out

The book version of Mearsheimer & Walt’s The Israel Lobby is now out in the UK (I got it for £22 in Blackwell’s in Charing Cross Road; Borders didn’t have it at all, several days after I found it (full price, £25) in Foyles. Amazon are doing an even bigger discount, so if you’re in the UK you can buy it from the link on the right and make me some money, insha Allah.

There have been a few articles about it in the British press as you might expect - it was on the front page of the New Statesman, with this article by Andrew Stephen, their usual US correspondent, which backs up most of what the book says and offers a couple of examples of his own, such as that of his friend who was branded an anti-Semite for suggesting that the US offer Israel American fighter planes rather than fund the development of Israeli ones. He makes a passing reference to “the deranged letter-writers and threat-merchants”, which exist in this country as well, but those are the people who cause the most difficulty for ordinary supporters of the Palestinian Arabs’ rights to their own country. I looked in the book’s index and, for example, there was no listing for Front Page Magazine or the likes of David Horowitz or Joe Kaufman, for example.

Also see this article by Ed Pilkington in today’s Guardian.

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