The injustice of “A Mighty Heart”

New Statesman - Through western eyes

This is a review written by Ananya Vajpeyi, an Indian Hindu woman who was a friend of Daniel Pearl, of the film about Pearl’s murder in 2002. She says that the Karachi portrayed in the film, of “a frightening and incomprehensible palimpsest of urban chaos, poverty and Islamic terrorism, teeming with Muslim men who are scarily numerous, devoutly religious and horrendously violent”, complete with a police officer who tortures someone almost to death and then heads off to the mosque to pray, does not match her experience of it, in which people were very welcoming to her and more so when they realised she was Indian and not Pakistani, and “the traffic was not insane, the slums were not menacing, the alleyways were not dark, the markets were not dirty, and the people were not out to kill each other or to kill me”. The film hasn’t been released here yet, and I probably won’t bother to go and see it, but I hope anyone who does reads this as well.

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