Internet temptation?

BBC NEWS: Job losses over eBay ‘addiction’

A council in south Wales has fired nine of its staff for spending “up to two hours per day” on eBay. The council has a policy of allowing their staff access to the Internet, but insist that they use it in their own time - which presumably means breaks - not in council time.

The really extraordinary thing about this is that the welfare officer for Unison, the public service union, alleged that “temption was put in their way” by the management by allowing them Internet access! Perhaps he is suggesting that workers should not be allowed it, then? If a worker is using his paid work time to do personal shopping, he is an irresponsible person who is effectively stealing from his employer and ought to be fired; the whole workforce should not be punished by having their access removed in the name of removing “temptation”, as this guy is suggesting.

In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with having a news page open and glancing at it, or refreshing it, every so often, as long as you actually get the work done. Anyone who suggests that workers should be treated like children and have this “temptation” taken away from them really shouldn’t be speaking for their union.

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