The futility of terrorism

Some guy has just been convicted of sending letter bombs (also here) to various companies which were involved in security and surveillance, and to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA), citing an “overbearing and over-intrusive surveillance society” as his motive. The guy is 27, from Cambridge, and a primary school teacher, and the five of his seven bombs which went off injured eight people between them. He’s to be sentenced tomorrow; it’ll be interesting to see if he gets as long a sentence as Muslims convicted for possessing terrorist-related material recently.

Anyway, the victims of the bombs were mostly office workers, and mostly women, which suggests that those who opened them were post-room workers. I’ve worked in a mail room for a medium-sized company in Croydon which published law textbooks, and this is how it is in most of them: letters anyone sends to some corporate big shot will pass through by the post room staff and the secretary or PA first. They, not the managing director, will get the bomb in their face. Postroom work isn’t that highly paid either; people work there because they need to, not because they want to. I hope the judge takes this into account tomorrow.

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