Response to Sayeeda Warsi on the BNP

Pickled Politics: Sayeeda Warsi and the BNP

I thought someone would write a cogent reply to Sayeeda Warsi’s interview in yesterday’s Independent on Sunday, in which she claimed that the BNP have some legitimate views and that people who vote for them ought to be listened to. Sunny Hundal makes the point that the Tories have been listening to these very people for two successive election campaigns, running on explicit anti-immigration platforms, and lost both times. There is another issue Sunny doesn’t mention, which is that the BNP’s anti-immigration campaigns are often based on outright lies about foreigners being prioritised for housing over local people and even about rapes committed by immigrants.

I should add that this government has pandered to the anti-immigrant lobby and press to a disgraceful degree, and is notoriously eager to send refugees back, making excuses such as that rape is not torture. It even seeks to send people back to known war zones and to countries without stable governments which are in a state of ruin, and hinders people who want to bring spouses into the country. Perhaps the BNP really can’t get much more over on the government, or even the Tories, on immigration anyway.

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