Britz: a negative opinion

Outlines: And I thought Sleeper Cell was bad…

I have to say that I agree with much of what sister Safiya says in this review. I was sceptical about this programme from the outset, having heard that it revolves around a female suicide bomber who came from the background of a Muslim civil rights activist, despite the fact that all the suicide bombers which have struck in the name of Islam outside of Palestine have been male and had not been known for any such work. The objection that nobody has yet committed suicide as a result of a control order has already been raised elsewhere, but the impression was given that the woman who did so in this stupid programme had not been under the order for anything like the length of time which might normally push someone to do such a thing. Ever heard of realism?

I must say though that the issue of Muslims joining MI5 is a real one, and that I’ve contemplated doing this on more than a few occasions, but the idea of a job which required me to lie to most of my friends and family about what job I did and where I worked (and everyone knows, for example, who actually occupies that building on the south bank of the Thames at Vauxhall, for example), much less with befriending other Muslims in order to feed innuendo about them to the authorities. No thanks.

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