Sunday Spew on Abdul Bari: see the irony?

Islamophobia Watch - Home - Muslim brands Britain ‘Nazi’ - according to the Express

Islamophobia Watch prints an extract from today’s sanctimonious carping from the Sunday Express in reaction to the comments by the MCB’s secretary-general, Muhammad Abdul-Bari, on Friday. Abdul-Bari was comparing the climate of hostility to Muslims today to that in pre-war Germany - a far-fetched comparison I’ll admit. However, an important aspect of the build-up to any genocide (both Nazi Germany and more recently, like Rwanda) is media demonisation of a minority, which is something the Spew has been carrying out against Muslims and others (like Gypsies) for years. Don’t they see the irony, when they’re the most given to hatemongering of all the British media? If there were ever a racist, fascist dictatorship in this country, the Express would likely be their preferred propaganda organ.

They also get David Davies, the moronic Tory MP for Monmouth, to come out with this gibberish:

The message has to go out that no one invited Muslims into this country - they chose to come here for a better way of life. Anyone who comes here has to learn our language and respect our way of life and traditions.

The fact is that a large proportion of the Muslims in this country were born here, and did not “come here in search of a better life” even if their parents or grandparents did - and actually, they were invited because of a post-war labour shortage. So you are not talking to people who “came here”, Davies, you ignoramus.

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