BBC NEWS: Former head sentenced for cruelty

This loathsome creature, who ran a dumping ground, I mean special school, for children with special needs in Norfolk - not a million miles from the place I went to - has got away with a suspended sentence (that is, he will have to do the sentence only if he gets into trouble within the next two years, which is unlikely as he is ill and dying) for abusing them in the 1970s and 1980s. This abuse included being forced to eat their own vomit, to fight each other for the entertainment of other pupils and staff, and to destroy the birthday presents they had received.

Why is it that the courts, when dealing with decrepit old child abusers, show them more mercy than they ever showed the children they mistreated? This is the same scandal as happened with Sister Alphonso (Marie Docherty), a Catholic nun who was convicted of assaulting several children in her care but still walked free from court in 2000 because of her age (only 58!) and illness. Such people, including this man and this one, should be sent to jail, and if they die in jail because they got away with it for long enough, so be it.

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