Nazir-Ali complains of death threats

BBC NEWS: Threats to ‘no-go areas’ bishop

Michael Nazir-Ali, Anglican bishop of Rochester, has complained of receiving death threats in response to his accusations about no-go areas defined by adherence to Islamic ideology in the Telegraph last month. His chaplain claims that the phoned-in threat came from somewhere in England, but the man himself says that his postbag has been overwhelmingly positive (I wonder if that came from mostly within England, or mostly from Anglicans).

He also laughably claims that he had been surprised at the scale of the debate his article caused. Pull the other one, bish. You made the claims in a major national Sunday newspaper, and it was promoted from the front page and also, prominently, on the paper’s website. People who cause a controversy on this scale often get death threats, particularly when they cause offence related to religion or, less commonly, politics; these threats have never, in recent British history, led to someone actually being murdered. And when you cause controversy by using your position to make unfounded accusations about an entire religious community in a national newspaper, you really only have yourself to blame if this is the result.

That is, of course, assuming that the threat came from people offended, and not by one of his supporters …

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