Put up or shut up, Nazir-Ali

Michael Nazir-Ali ([1], [2]) has been lent yet another adulatory interview by the Sunday Torygraph, with the same claims about death threats and one about his claim of no-go areas being “based on evidence”, but it appears that his interviewer did not press him on what that evidence was and he has still not offered any, other than the incident where Omar Brookes heckled the former Home Secretary during a visit to Leyton in 2007, and then they only printed one part of Brooks’s sentence.

I submitted a comment which made the point that Nazir-Ali had not addressed the complaints about his claim, namely that it’s false and that he had not bothered to offer any evidence, but free speech is not much in vogue on the Torygraph’s moderated comment box, whose editors prefer only to let readers cheer Nazir-Ali on and claim he’s the only one with the “courage” to speak the “truth” (well, except for Richard Desmond’s Daily Spew!). And it is not as if I insulted his religion or insinuated that his mother is also his half-sister.

Give us one single example, Nazir-Ali! Put up or shut up.

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