More tabloids admit: we printed garbage

British Muslim Initiative: The Sun and Daily Mail withdraw unfounded allegations by Policy Exchange

Hot on the heels of the Daily Spew grovelling to the McCanns yesterday, the Sun and the Daily Mail (or Scum and Snail Trail as they’re known around these parts) have withdrawn articles from their websites based on the Policy Exchange report of last year, which alleged that extremist literature was being sold in mosques in the UK. This happened after a Newsnight investigation demonstrated that much of the evidence on which that report was based was in fact forged, but not before several major newspapers had “given prominent and extremely biased coverage to the report”; the BMI had complained to the Press Complaints Commission about the coverage. The Sun also printed a letter from Muhammad Sawalha of the BMI and Mohammed Kozbar of the North London Central Mosque (i.e. Finsbury Park mosque). (HT: Islamophobia Watch.)

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