What about our children?

It was reported today that a paedophile who was taken to Australia at the age of five (he is 61 now) has been deported back to England. He is not by any means the first person to be deported back to England from Australia or Canada; a few years ago we had Robert Excell dumped on us, who had also spent much of his adult life in Australian prisons for sexual offences against children, and in the early 1990s Canada deported a rapist who was of British birth but who had lived most of his life in Canada.

Of course, the same newspapers who made this man’s deportation to the UK front-page news tend to be those who vigorously campaign for foreign criminals, including those who immigrated as children, to be kicked out once they have served their sentences, resulting in the “foreign prisoner scandal” of a couple of years ago and the craven, panicked, inhumane government reaction. When other countries deport British rapists and paedophiles, they don’t like it. I wonder why?

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