Snow in April!

Well, it doesn’t snow that often in England anyway, but snow in April is really unusual (though I’ve witnessed snow in Spring in the past, in the early 1990s when I was at boarding school in Suffolk) particularly when it’s been warm during the past week. Waking up this morning, I heard it on the news that there was a jam on the M4 (the motorway from London to south Wales) and they said it started out at Hungerford, which made me think “oh, there’s snow out in the downs in west Berkshire” - but then they said “to junction 1 at Chiswick”, and I thought, “what, that means there really is snow here”, and I looked out of my bedroom window and there it was. It’s not Canadian weather, and it was all gone by early afternoon so there wasn’t much to take pictures of when I was finally able to get out, but I got a couple of pictures of it anyway. (One of them is private, as it shows the view from my bedroom window, so you will only see it if you are my friend.)

Also, you can see on my Flickr page a couple of pictures of my new car, or rather, the new family car which I have the most use of. It’s a little Daewoo Matiz with a 1-litre engine, so it’s no speed demon but it will get me to work quicker than the train will (although I will probably continue to use the bus or train within town because it saves having to park). I went out to Boxhill last Thursday so I could take some shots of it somewhere other than outside the house, as I don’t want the whole world and his wife knowing where I live, but my initial idea of parking in the car park and taking a walk around was thwarted when I discovered that Boxhill has a flat-rate £3 parking charge. So I had to park on the Zig Zag, and I had forgotten what the views along that road are like, which sort of made the frustration worth it.

So, here are the pictures. (More: iMuslim.)

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