Casual racism at British Airways exposed

‘A world of casual racism’ exposed at BA - Home News, UK - The Independent

This was the front-page feature in the Independent yesterday: a former senior pilot with British Airways revealed that casual racism among flight crew was the norm, particularly among older cabin crew, who expected others like them to be on the ‘same side’ apparently without knowing them:

“There was the time when we set off for Los Angeles with a large party of Saudis on board, who had joined us at Heathrow direct from the VIP lounge,” he added. “In the cruise, my captain suddenly embarked on an extraordinary rant about ‘rag-heads’. He got the word out twice before I stopped him by explaining he was going to be short of a first officer for the return sector if he carried on.” Mr Maughan, who lives in Dunblane, Perthshire, was on another flight when a fellow flight officer complained that there were too many Asians in Britain. “The captain turned to me and said: ‘I don’t suppose there are many of them up your way.’ I replied: ‘Well, there’s my wife.’ After that, they had the decency to fall silent,” he said.

He said that this sort of behaviour is as common at BA now as it was in the RAF 25 years ago, and that management had not done much about it. Robert Fisk also has a dim view of the “haughty” company he thinks should be called Rendition Airlines.

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